Service IT

Crissys Digital

Installation of computer equipment (PC Desktop or Laptop)

How do we proceed?
1. We save customer data on an external device,
2. We format the client hard drive "low level", ie we bring it in the production state,
3. We install the operating system (Linux free or Windows only licensed!), After correctly configuring the BIOS,
4. We install the applications and the antivirus,
5. We restore the client data on the desktop to the folder named "save_date",
6. Configure / Check the entire system.
PRICE: 55 €

Install Applications

We install various applications at the clients' requests, as follows:
1. Office applications (LibreOffice, OpenOffice, or MS Office only if the client has or buys a license),
2. Photo editor applications (GIMP, or PhotoShop only with the client's license or purchase of one),
3. Free or licensed Antivirus technologies (Kaspersky, Nod32, Avast, Avira, AVG ... etc ...),
4. Other applications at the client's request, either free of open source type, or licensed (purchased by the client).
PRICE: 26 €

Network Configuration

We configure networks of all sizes and topologies,
We configure routers for your home or professional Mikrotik,
We mount switches, access points, configure,
We execute to order 5/6 UTP cables, we plug, on the desired lengths,
PRICE: function of work

Defect finding

Fault finding equipment:
PC Desktop,
Server PC.
PRICE: 15 € (paid in advance and does not constitute the cost of the necessary repairs!)
The client will be informed about the costs of the repair, as a result of the finding, and will agree to execute them.
We do not execute repairs without the client's consent and we do not oblige him to pay taxes that he was not previously informed!

Cleaning Equipment

Cleaning of dust equipment, impurities, changing silicone paste, lubricating rotating assemblies (where applicable):
PC Desktop,
Server PC.
PRICE: 15 € (paid in advance and does not constitute the cost of any interventions!)
The client will be informed about any other necessary charges found after opening the equipment,
Interventions / improvements / changes of components, which require additional fees will only take place with the client's agreement !

Virus Cleaning Equipment

Virus cleaning equipment type: Laptop,
PC Desktop,
Mobile Smart Phone,
Tablet PC,
Network equipment with management or operating system,
Server PC.
PRICE: 33 € (paid in advance and does not constitute the cost of any other interventions!)

Service Contract

Service contracts for companies, state institutions, individuals and other forms:
Interventions: unlimited, whenever the beneficiary requests us,
Training of the staff in order to properly use the IT&C equipment provided,
Free courses of use Office Word, Excel, Windows, Network, company employees.
RATES: for 33 € (1 equipment), for 55 € (2-5 equipment), for 110 € (6-10 equipment), for 133 € (11-15 equipment),
155 € (16-20 equipment),
The tariff is final with all taxes included and is paid monthly on the basis of a contract between the companies,
For large volumes the price is negotiated on the spot,
The transport is free of charge within the municipality of Timisoara.