Software Development

Crissys Digital is an IT & C company that offers a full range of personalized software development services, servers, IT&C and web resources, for a wide range of business areas.

Software Development

Whether you are in the beginning or a stable business, we are ready to help you at every stage of your software development lifecycle - from conceptualization, business analysis and prototypes to the implementation of a complete solution, consulting, testing and

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Embedded Systems

Your worldwide automation partner, for the most demanding automation requirements. Embedded control systems, automotive, industrial PC's, display panels, distributed I/O, drives and motors all from one source, build and programmed through one single Company

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Database Development

Crissys Digital specializes in developing custom databases, database management (DBMS), managing, supporting and integrating MySQL, PostGreSQL, MSSQL and Oracle, using the best sql queries optimized. We build personalized database solutions for

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Web Hosting

Our servers are made to run all services like a dream. Our exclusive technology gives you the proven performance, reliability, and functionality you need. From small business to enterprise, we've got you covered! Whether you are a seasoned Internet pro, or just

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Web Programming

You should expect your website to not only look great, but perform great, with high speed loading, responsive design, SEO included in pages & scripting, giving you the best features that you need. When you work with our talented, dedicated web experts, you can

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Web Design

We Design your Web Site as your custom preferences, using the latest technology for create the most beautiful, dynamic content and reliable web site's. All design are responsive for tablets and mobile by default and SEO basic plan provided.

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Dedicated Servers

We offer tailored dedicated server packages that will reduce upfront costs while allowing room to expand and grow your business. Even if you are working in accounting or financial or if you use some application or you need specialized services, such as implementing

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Backup Servers

Our company offer a simple and complete backup servers for all the major databases, files, emails, web content, media. You can back up MySQL on FTP and schedule automatic and parallel backups keeping multiple copies of files and databases. We provide incremental

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Visit our online store to purchase IT&C equipment like desktop, server, printers, PC components.


What we Offer?

Our Service's.

software development

Software Engineering

•100% of our Engineers with a ADVANCED ENGINEERING DEGREE
•Our Dedicated Team work with passion
•Dedicated Quality Assurance Team
•Customizable Projects
•Valuable Support

database development

Database Project

•Small, Medium or High Volume
•Robust and Reliable DB
•Customizable Databases
•Administration Databases

CLOUD Resources

CLOUD Computing

Our Company offer cloud computing like networking, database storage, computing power, etc. These resources are provided to governments, individuals, companies, and they are charged based on the usage of the resources.

accounting servers

Accounting Server

•One license software for all users
•Accesible from anywhere
•Secure and fast connection

PRICE: 100 € / mo

backup servers

Backup Server

•Daily saving your DATA
•Dual backup daily
•Multi servers for safety backup

PRICE: 25 € / mo

web hosting

Web Hosting

•Space: 1GB
•Traffic Unlimited
•Premium Support (real person)

PRICE: 2 € / mo

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