Accounting Servers

Crissys Digital

Accounting Servers: Saga, Ciel, WinMentor

Work with accounting programs - Saga, Ciel, WinMentor sau altele?

We offer you great dedicated servers for accounting, expertise and audit.
1. On a Saga server you can work from multiple client stations simultaneously, without the need for more Saga licenses,
2. You can work from anywhere in the world, at any time, the availability of the service is 100%,
3. Centralize all documents in one place, so that all users can access them quickly and efficiently from any location,
4. Data security - no matter if your device is faulty / viruses / encrypted, all data is on the server and you don't lose anything, because data is saved daily, automatically, on professional backup servers,
5. Configuration / installation - no more headaches, everything we do,
6. Update and maintenance, performed by our specialists.
All you need is to purchase a single Saga license, a computer and an internet connection.
PRICE: 55 € / month, based on a monthly subscription, with a contract.